UPDATES on Cancelled and Deferred Race/Events

Q:  What is a SARRC Credit?
A:  SARRC stores all race entries in its own database. Entries via ActiveWorks are downloaded into this database. Transfers and credits for cancelled events are made with this database NOT WITH ACTIVEWORKS. The credit held in the SARRC  database is the SARRC Credit and can be used at any time for new events, without any extra handling fees charged.
Q:  When are registrations opening for other events?
A:  New events for 2021 have dates published and SARRC credits can be used now to transfer into those events.
NOT WITH ACTIVEWORKS, only with the SARRC transfer link sent in an email.
Q: I  have already  entered an event but it has been cancelled can I transfer to an new event?
A: Yes all entries can be transferred to an event of your choice either in 2020 or can  be held over for 2021. Emails with personal links were sent out some time ago. If your link is missing look in SPAM or JUNK first then contact SARRC. A new link to transfer your credit will be in the email.
A: If there is a dollar difference in the  the event I wish to now enter, will I be required to pay the difference?
A: If there is difference in the events you wish to enter from a previous entry the difference will be calculated  and you will be informed if a payment is to be  paid or the balance returned to you as SARRC credits.  
Q: Can I transfer my entry to another person?
A: Yes you can transfer to another person, through the ActiveWorks system when registrations are open. But this is closed within the last month.
Q: Is the Adelaide  Marathon going ahead on September 20th 2020.
A:  SARRC has submitted the mandatory COVID Management Plan which is required for all events with over 1000 persons, and is working with the SA Government and SA Health Authorities to meet their requirements.  Registration is open from 25 August 2020. The event may have to be modified as a result. Caps on numbers are part of this plan. So entry may be stopped when the caps are reached.
Q: Is Yurrebilla  (and future SARRC events on the 2020 SARRC running calendar) going ahead this year?
A: Not Yurrebilla. SARRC is waiting on SA Government restrictions on the limited numbers for mass gatherings to be lifted and when we know we are confident the event can be run safely for all our participants we will post on social media any information, on changes and if and when registrations will open.

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